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Jun 12 2015

Tax Filing Season 2015

Please be advised that the 2015 Income Tax season opens on 1 July 2015, for submission of income tax returns to the South African Revenue Service.


Should you wish for our Income Tax Department to complete and submit your 2015 tax return, please supply our offices with the necessary tax documents so as to enable us to complete your return timeously.

Please download this 2015 client information sheet for completion which will also enable us to update your details on our database should there have been any changes.


We have not increased the fee for 2015 tax returns, this remains unchanged for two years now. Fees are calculated on the intensity of the tax return concerned and are tabled below as follows:

  • COMPLEX - R2200 UPWARDS - (BASIC SELF EMPLOYED INDIVIDUALS / COMMISSION EARNERS / MULTIPLE INCOME) – Please note that this is time based and will be billed accordingly

Please feel free to make contact with us should you wish to discuss your tax affairs with one of our consultants , should you wish to confirm pricing, or to discuss your tax return issues.


Please note that payment is due on completion, as our offices have spent the necessary time and covered the related costs in respect of completing the return. No exception can be made to this as once the return is received by SARS and at governmental level it is out of our control. We will assist in every regard to ensure your refund if applicable is paid as soon as possible, generally within 3 weeks, and shall expedite all rights we have available to escalate the refund process, but in order to allow us to continue providing the service levels required, as well as allowing us to cover the costs related with submitting, tracing, following up and objecting fees do need to be paid on completion.


PLEASE NOTE: If you receive a travel allowance or company vehicle and wish to claim your business kilometres travelled, it is imperative that we receive a detailed log book in the correct SARS approved format with your tax documentation. SARS will NOT entertain any travel claim without the mentioned logbook. Please download the 2015 travel logbook template in this respect should you require this.

The average turnaround time for the submission of your tax return is 3 weeks from the date our offices receive your tax documentation, due to the various staff and partners concerned on ensuring all tax deductions have been maximised. This turnaround does vary depending on the nature of your tax return, and when possible we will always try to get your return finalised and submitted in the shortest possible time.

Obviously we would need to receive your tax documentation in full at least 6 weeks before due date as SARS no longer grants extension for rendering of tax returns, for salaried individuals all returns are required by the end of November, and self employed / Provisional taxpayers by the end of January 2016.

Kindly ignore this reminder if you have already provided our office with the mentioned information

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